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Do you have some auto body scratches, or are you in need of car touch up paint on your vehicle? 

Perhaps you have been ignoring this damage but are realizing you need to do something about it soon. Keeping your vehicle looking in top shape is important for a variety of reasons. 

One reason is that a car that looks good and has no scratches or dents is worth more. Another reason is to keep a good reputation. Taking care of all of the damage on your car’s surface will also help prevent it from becoming worse. 

Pristine Dent Repair offers some amazing services, one of which is paint touch up. We want to give you some insight into what you should do when your car paint needs to be touched up. 

What To Do When Your Car Needs Touch Up Paint

The last thing you should do is ignore auto body damage – even if it’s just cosmetic. Your car can begin to rust and what would have been an easy fix can become expensive and time-consuming. 

Whether you need to touch up paint or paintless dent removers we are here to help you! 

Below are the steps you should take:

1. Evaluate The Damage 

Take some time and look at every inch of your car’s exterior. Take notes on the damaged areas and consider what may happen if you ignore the problem areas. 

If you have big scratches, dents, or chipping paint it’s time to take action. Based on your level of damage and the type of car you have you can now determine how to proceed.

2. Decide If You Have The Skill And Ability To Fix It Yourself 

You can do some research online and see what would need to be done to fix your specific problem. Make sure you are thorough and have a good understanding of what it entails. 

Then as yourself, if you have the skill, ability, and time to do this repair yourself. If you do, that’s great! Just be careful and make sure to not get over your head. Making a mistake while trying to repair your car’s paint could end up making a bigger mess.

If you don’t have the time or you are nervous about making matters worse then you can hire a professional to give you car touch up paint. There is no shame in letting the professional handle it, and the results are usually better. 

3. Know When To DIY

Sometimes DIY is not a good answer, so it’s important to know when it is appropriate to try to do it yourself and when touch up paint would be better left to the professionals. 

You should only attempt to touch up your car’s paint for very small scratches that don’t run too deep. Larger scratches, dents, or peeling paint should not be done at home. 

If you are going to attempt to do it yourself, be sure you put enough time and effort into it. A quick job with the wrong supplies can go bad fast. 

On the same note, only do it yourself if you can find a matching paint color that’s exact.

4. Know How To DIY

Don’t jump into touching up your car’s paint without having a good understanding of how to do it. 

According to Badell’s Collision, 

“Here are the seven steps that you should follow for best results using a DIY touchup paint kit to fix the damage on your car.

  1. Clean the Surface of the Car
  2. Identify the Damage
  3. Sand the Damaged Area
  4. Clean with Paint Thinner
  5. Apply the Touch-Up Paint
  6. Ensure the Surface Is Smooth
  7. Apply the Clear Coat
  8. Let the Touch-Up Paint Cure
  9. Polish the Paint”

These steps are only to be used on small scratches and damage. Don’t attempt to do it at home if your car has a lot of paint damage. 

car touch up paint

5. Know When To Contact Professional Paintless Dent Removers For Touch Up Paint

If your car’s paint has extensive damage then it is better to leave it to the professionals. Or if the scratches are deep and large. Depending on the damage, paint touch up is more like camouflage and can only cover up so much. 

When you want your car fixed quickly you should have it professionally done. Doing it at home can be time-consuming and frustrating. 

If you want your car’s paint touch up to be done with excellence then you should bring it into a shop. It will be done quickly and with much better quality than the average DIY would be done.

6. Hire Pristine Dent Repair For Your Car Touch Up Paint Service

At Pristine Dent Repair, we are experts at touching up paint. It is a service that we offer with pride! If you have paint damage that you don’t think you should fix yourself, we are here to serve you. If you need help repairing your car’s paint click here to contact Pristine Dent Repair for a free quote today.