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Looking For Paintless Dent Repair In Santa Cruz?

If you are in need of auto body services in Santa Cruz, Pristine Dent Repair is the best place to go! We have years of experience repairing the body of all types of vehicles. The highly professional team at Pristine will repair, and service your vehicle in no time!

Here at Pristine, we work efficiently with a top-notch team of experts to ensure you the results you are hoping for. To learn more about the great services we offer read on…

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paintless dent removals

Dent Repair Services In Santa Cruz, CA

paintless dent removals

Paintless Dent Repair

Paintless dent repair or PDR is an excellent new way of repairing dents quickly and cost-efficiently.

In fact, it’s so easy we can even come to you to perform paintless dent repair!

Don’t let the dents in your car depreciate its value any longer! You can have your car looking great again in just a few hours when you bring it to us for paintless dent repair.

Pristine Dent Repair is one of the best shops in Santa Cruz to go to when you need paintless dent repair done on your vehicle. Click now to learn more about our paintless dent repair in Santa Cruz.

Mobile Dent Repair

Is your car in need of dent repair in Santa Cruz? Bring it to Pristine Dent Repair to be serviced and repaired!

We offer high-quality work at competitive prices. Our hardworking team of experts will take good care of your vehicle and have your dents removed efficiently.

You won’t find another body shop as professional and experienced as Pristine Dent Repair. Click now to learn more about our mobile dent repair in Santa Cruz.

car touch up paint

Touch Up Paint

Is your vehicle’s paint in need of some touching up?

Peeling paint exposes your car to the elements, this can lead to rusting and more expensive fixes. It is best to get your paint touched up as soon as you notice any issues.

The team at Pristine Dent Repair Santa Cruz is highly experienced at touching up paint jobs. We will have your car looking fresh and back to you far before any other shops could.

Click now to learn more about our touch-up paint services in Santa Cruz!

Minor Scratch Repair

When cars have scratches they are more likely to rust and have other issues arise. Many people avoid getting their scratches fixed because they worry it will be too expensive or time-consuming.

At Pristine Dent Repair we offer competitive prices with excellent service! You can have your minor scratches quickly fixed by professionals, and stop worrying about rust and value depreciation.

Our team at Pristine Dent Repair will happily serve you and repair your car with pride! Click now to learn more about our minor scratch repair services!

paintless dent removers

Our Other Dent Repair Services

We proudly provide the following services:

Mobile Dent Repair

Minor Scratch Repair

Auto Collision Repair

Buffing Service

Car Dent Removal

Car Bumper Repair

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