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Being involved in an accident of any kind can be scary and stressful, especially when it comes to needing auto collision repair. If it is the first time you have been in a collision, you may not know what to do. 

In small collisions, or “fender benders” where no injuries are caused, you are probably wondering how to go about dealing with a scratched or dented vehicle.  

Today, Pristine Dent Repair will walk you through the steps you should take in a minor car accident, and help your car look as good as new in no time. 

Pull Over To A Safe Area

When a collision of any size occurs, stop your car right away, and pull over to a safe area if possible. 

(If your car is too damaged to move then leaving it is appropriate, but make sure you and anyone else involved are off the road and safe from oncoming traffic.)

Make sure to turn your hazard lights on whether you can pull over to the side or not, to help warn other vehicles of the accident so they slow down.

Check To Make Sure That Everyone Involved Is Okay

Once you have made sure other vehicles won’t hit yours you should assess yourself, your passengers, and those in the other vehicle to make sure that everyone is okay.

Even if it was just a small fender bender, those involved could still have injuries such as whiplash or concussions.

If anyone is hurt in the slightest, make sure when you call 911 you tell the operator about the injuries so an ambulance is sent along with the police. 

Call 911 Immediately 

Making a police report, even in a minor collision, will help everything go smoothly with any insurance claims that may need to be made. If you do not call the police and have a report done, then there is no guarantee that the other vehicle owner will do what you need them to regarding insurance. 

Even if the collision is not your fault, you could end up being responsible for needed repairs if a report is not filed. 

In the moment, calling 911 may seem unnecessary, especially if it’s just a small dent or the other party seems cooperative. However, once you part ways you want to be certain that insurance will go through and cover any damages.

On top of that, having the police there will be good in case someone does end up needing medical assistance. Sometimes after the initial adrenaline of the accident wears off, people realize they are hurt.

For these reasons, never hesitate to call the police after getting in a fender bender. They will be a good neutral third party that will help everything run smoothly.

Exchange Your Information With The Other Person Involved 

As you are waiting for the police to arrive, you and the other driver should exchange your insurance information. Although this may also be done in the police report, it is a wise decision to have their information just in case.

Encompass says, 

“This may be one of the most important things you do after an accident: exchange information with the other driver. 

Grab your insurance card, your driver’s license, and your vehicle registration and exchange the following details with the other driver:


      • Name 

      • Address

      • Phone number

      • Email address

      • Date of birth

      • Driver’s license number and expiration date

      • Insurance company policy numbers and contact information

      • The license plate number of the other car

      • Make, model, and year of the other car

      • Contact information of any eyewitnesses

    When the police officer arrives, note their name, badge number, phone number, and accident report number. You should also request a copy of the accident report; this may take a couple of days to obtain, but it will be helpful when it comes time to file a claim.”

    Promptly Call Your Insurance Provider 

    As soon as you get home, you should call your insurance provider and tell them about the collision. You can give them the other person’s insurance information and the police report.

    Whether it was your fault or not, it’s wise to communicate promptly with your insurance company.

    However, in some cases where the damage to your vehicle is very minor, you may choose not to file a claim. Paying for small scratches and dents for your own vehicle out of pocket is sometimes preferable compared to insurance rates going up. 

    For more information about filing insurance claims, check out this article. 

    Find A Trustworthy Shop To Repair Your Vehicle 

    Now that all the stress of the fender bender is behind you, it is time to focus on getting your vehicle fixed. You should try to find a shop that can be trusted and has quality work. 

    If you just got into a small fender bender, you may just have some minor scratches or dents that require bodywork. Even if the dent or scratches seem small, you should get them fixed quickly to avoid them from corroding and growing worse with time. 

    Paintless dent repair is a great option for dents. It’s cheaper and faster than traditional dent repair, and the results can’t be beat. 

    A good auto body shop that uses paintless dent removal will have your car looking brand new in no time.

    If you need paintless dent repair, or other types of dent and scratch repair, click here to get a FREE estimate from Pristine Dent Repair today!