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Picture this scenario. You went shopping and had parked your car in a nearby parking lot or under a tree. Then, without warning, someone’s going to open the door of their car and bump onto yours or someone’s parking beside your car and they suddenly crash or scratch your car or even leave a dent.

They have left inflicted damage and it’s there to stay. You look in dismay at the dents and envision how much you have to spend on auto body repair to have them removed.

There’s good news for you, especially if you haven’t heard about paintless dent repair or PDR. PDR is a simple means of getting rid of small dents without the need for a new paint job or panel replacement.

Our technician uses special tools that fit precisely into the dents from the inner walls. We apply equal pressure to both the outside and the inner walls. This removes all dents from the metal body. The outer pressure is necessary to ensure there’s no overcorrecting. This will prevent any weakening to the metal structure.

Though this may look like an easy job, it’s not advised that you try to do it at home. A DIY job will only lead to further damage and expenses. If you hire a professional like us, we will even keep the original paint and body without any damages or cracks.

Want to learn more? Read on to find out the top 5 reasons to use Watsonville dent repair.

 1.  Cost-effective

Paintless dent repair in Watsonville, CA is cheaper than traditional dent repair processes. This is a process where the vehicle’s body has to be fixed. Once repaired, the paint is applied. This is both a time consuming and expensive process. Paint is getting more expensive because of strict regulations on safety and handling.

Paintless dent repair does not involve any painting, which is a major part of dent repair costs. Without any paint or bodywork involved, the car’s original coat of paint and body parts are retained. 

Any body parts replaced during dented body repair are usually aftermarket parts.  These are low-quality parts and they can have an effect on your car’s aesthetics and drivability.

2.  Saves time

PDR saves you lots of time because most of the dents can be removed in thirty minutes or at most, within a day.  This is a much more convenient process. Traditional bodywork and repainting is a long, multi-step process.

These technicians need lots of time to sand, file and then sand the dented area. If the dent is not removed by hammering or other dent removal process, it’s filled with body putty and sanded. We then prime and sand it once again.

After this extensive process is the painting, which is once again time-consuming.  Generally only after 2-5 coats that you get a nice color blend. The entire process takes a few days or weeks.


3.  Environmentally-friendly

Few know that PDR is also an eco-friendly procedure. If you wonder why it’s because there’s no painting involved. The paint contains toxic fumes.  There are also fumes from chemicals used in the auto industry. These may end up causing lung damage to workers.

There is also the risk of dangerous toxins being released into the environment.  PDR doesn’t involve any painting, so this means there’s no footprint left on the environment. This is why paintless dent repair is the cleanest and safest option.  It is the only eco-friendly option out there.


4.  Lifetime warranty with better resale value

Most companies offering PDR give a lifetime warranty that lasts for as long as you are the vehicle owner. There is also the added benefit of retaining your original paint job.

This proves to be helpful to you down the road if you ever plan to sell your vehicle. You will always get a better resale value with the original paint job.  This is because a manufacturer’s paint is always higher quality than aftermarket paint.

Besides, the original paint also ensures there is no mismatching of color in the paint job. Mismatched colors are a common problem that occurs when repairing and repainting cars. Getting the ideal paint color or blend that matches your vehicle’s original color is not so easy. Sometimes the new colors may also discolor over time.


5.  Insurance claim

The good news is insurance companies are aware of this procedure.  This should give you another reason to consider PDR. We generally are ready to cover the costs of the work because of its affordability.

Remember, there is no filing, sanding, grinding or painting involved in PDR.  It’s a cheaper process because there’s no painting, replacing of parts, or extra labor costs.  This is unlike traditional dent repair.

In a nutshell, paintless dent repair is a superior option.  It helps save you money, time, is eco-friendly and helps fetch a better resale price if you sell your car. Looking at this, there shouldn’t be any reason to make you NOT consider PDR to remove any dents and creases on your car.

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