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It happens to almost everyone at some point. 

Your vehicle’s paint gets chipped or scratched in some places. 

Perhaps dreaded rust is beginning to invade. 

Stress starts to weigh on you, because you know the problem will only get worse if you don’t do something now.

Summer is quickly approaching as are the various projects we’ve all put off addressing in the winter months. 

If you’ve been dragging your feet about getting your paint job touched up, now is the perfect time to get it done. 

While it’s true that some people try to do at home paint jobs, these rarely go as planned. And is there anything worse than an obviously poor paint job? 

If you have scratches, chips, dents, or need buffing services to restore your car’s shine, the professionals at Pristine can fix those issues and get your paint job looking perfect all at once.

Here’s why you should choose our professional technicians to get your car looking summer fresh – 

Guaranteed Expertise

As much as we all love a good DIY project, your car’s paint job is not something you should attempt at home. 

Painting a vehicle is something that takes skill, knowledge, and certain techniques and equipment that the average person doesn’t have access to in their home garage. 

Getting your car professionally painted means you will have experts working on your vehicle who are ready to ensure your satisfaction. 

Proper Equipment 

On top of the needed skill and knowledge, there is also a lot of equipment that goes into painting a vehicle.   

Econo Auto Painting and Auto Work say,

“This should seem like a no brainer, but some people just might not realize the extent of equipment that is necessary to paint a car properly. 

Special paint guns are just one piece of equipment. You need a properly ventilated paint booth, paint mixer, a compressor, body materials and tools, sanders, tape, and paper, etc. Not the kind of thing most “home” painters have invested in.”

So relax, and let the experts handle this one. 

Improving Your Vehicles Value 

Nobody wants a car with dents, chips, and scratches on it. Having imperfect paint can reduce your car’s value and this can cost you later on.

Having your vehicle painted by professionals is a great way to improve its value. 

According to Gino’s Panel And Paint,

“You may have some little scratches and dents that are making the car look worn. 

Car touch up paint can produce a result that looks worse than before, but there are many professional techniques to remove dents and scratches that are quick and inexpensive, including paintless dent removal. 

It is worth getting a free estimate at your local auto body repair centre to gauge whether it is worth it. Spending a couple of hundred to add $1,000 to the asking price is a good investment.”

Not only will you feel better about driving a car that looks good, others will be more likely to buy your car at a good price once you are ready to sell it.


At times people may try to put off getting their paint fixed because they worry that it will be expensive. 

This is a misconception though, as touch-ups are incredibly affordable. 

And getting your paint fixed now when the damage is minor will save you money down the road. 

If your paint is chipped, scratched, or rusting, it typically only continues to get worse with time, costing you a lot more later on.

In most cases, a simple touch up will do the job of making your car look great. Touch-ups are a very cost-effective route, and when you choose a full service PDR shop like Pristine we can address dents, scratches, and chips all in one visit. 

And to make your life all the more convenient, Pristine also offers mobile repair services, so you can stay safe at home while we make your vehicle look as good as new. 

For a limited time, Pristine is also offering a special for all of our clients. Hire us to fix one dent in your car, and get 50% off the repair of your second dent. 

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